Pullman & Gotkin is a business law firm whose clients range from start-ups to multi-generational companies.  We recognize that the success of our clients' businesses is paramount and that developing an intimate knowledge of the business is essential to providing effective counsel.  To accomplish that goal, we invest the proper time, at our cost, to become conversant with the business and to deliver superior client service.

The prior background of the core attorneys, as in-house counsel to multi-national companies, as well as their hands-on experience representing investors and small business owners, gives them a perspective that is well suited to representing business clients.  Their practical experience in actual business settings helps them appreciate that every legal transaction contains underlying business objectives.  Accordingly, the firm is well positioned to provide creative solutions in its capacity as outside general counsel.

Serving as a "legal navigator" with a holistic approach to a business client, the firm's philosophy is to promote pro-active business planning.  This preventive approach helps clients identify potential problems before they evolve into costly liabilities.  It also benefits clients by positioning them to capture market opportunities as they arise from time to time.  Our strong preference is to shepherd the client through early strategic planning, rather than having to react to adverse situations after the fact.  Believing that the best results are the product of proper planning, we serve as a catalyst to guide the client through the process.